Sunday, October 20, 2019

The Wild Cat

      Foxy and I were out looking to see what we could see.

 It was a chilly morning, and we were having a hard time seeing through the patchy fog when Foxy let out one of those low pitched from the bottom of her throat. Instantly on alert, my head snapped in the direction that she was looking in and saw this white and black shape materialize in the grass. I raised my camera and to take a few photos and discovered that it was a cat.

A cat in the wild.

That must mean that it's a wild cat, right?
We drove around for some time before heading back to civilization, a snack, and perhaps a nap.
We stopped off at Panera where the nice lady in the drive-through gave Foxy a treat.

After we arrived back home I and warmed up my coffee with my favorite occasional treat.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Jimbob finds out about The Oak Ridge Boys

      Jimbob took a look at his equipment table and tried to decide if he should go out and take some pictures or work on his songwriting. 

Just then his phone sounded out with the opening strains of "Elvira." letting him know that he had received an email. He knew that the legendary Oak Ridge Boys were coming to town soon and he had been trying to get more information about their concert at SKyPAC.
   Good fortune was with Jimbob once again as he read the email: 
 The Oak Ridge Boys Set To Appear in Bowling Green October 18

The Oak Ridge Boys high-energy show remains the heart and soul of what they do best. This night will feature classic Gospel, Country, and Patriotic music.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

The Blue Stories Episode Two

  Episode Two

 Jimbob sat down and paged through one of Granddaddy Elmer's journals that he had discovered in Elm's suitcase.
He read on.

It seems like with every step we take my mare and I stir up small dust devils. I have not seen land so dry since the drought of 1896 when I was in New Mexico for my training before being sent to Cuba. To serve in the Signal Corps. Just yesterday when we passed through Moonshine Hollow, the small population had called in a rainmaker medicine man of the Cherokee Nation. If he did not succeed, they were prepared to summon a Dowser to assist with finding underground streams.....

Jimbob had settled himself in at one of the comfortable seating areas at the Staybridge Inn in Bowling Green to enjoy a light breakfast and possibly to unearth a story from one of his fellow travelers. 

He preferred Staybridge for many good-sized reasons and for one seemingly small one. Not only did they offer morning or anytime coffee in take-out cups, but they also had genuine ceramic cups.

 A small thing, but another one of their touches that seemed to say "welcome home."
      As Jimbob was eating his breakfast a fellow traveler sat down across from him With a cup of coffee, glass of orange juice, another of apple juice and complemented by a plateful of scrambled eggs, bacon, three waffles and and fruit bowl the slender man appeared to be on a mission. The two started a conversation about their life callings. The stranger's name was Richard. Richard from Asheville North Carolina.
A drought expert. He was in town for a conference about droughts. As expected, the conversation turned to talk about the weather, in particularly rainfall and droughts.    
     Richard also explained to Jimbob what a rain shadow is. A rain shadow would be on the opposite side of a mountain ridge that the wind is blowing from, the leeward side. The one side would get the rain and the opposite none, in effect causing what is known as a rain shadow. A rain dance or dowsing was not going to help that situation at all.

Friday, September 13, 2019

The Blue Rose Stories Sponsored by Staybridge Suites of Bowling Green

     Episode 1

 Before my granddaddy Elmer Baird settled down on the farm with his wife Evelyn he spent a few years as a newspaper reporter, notice that  I said his wife and not "my grandmother." The Spanish American War was over and he considered himself fortunate to have escaped his time in Cuba with no more than a bad knee courtesy of a Spanish M93 Mauser.

 Elmer was a type of newspaperman known as a stringer. Stringers didn’t have a regular job with one paper but covered for whatever paper had a need at the time. The two papers he contributed to mostly were The Daily Tribune and The National Register. 
      Elmer lived to an old age, and after he passed I received a box from his estate. The box contains a suitcase filled with an assortment of artifacts of Elmer's once vibrant life. In sorting through Elmer's preserved life, I discovered that  Elmer was also on a personal mission as he traveled for the newspapers. His wife Evelyn who was an accomplished gardener had the desire to have a blue rose in her garden. Always after that headline-grabbing story, Elmer also had to keep a sharp eye out for that elusive blue rose.
     The box that was delivered by FedEx to my front porch was one of those cardboard  types with the built-in folding handles and was marked "DELIVER TO ADDRESSEE ONLY." Noted on the outside also was the declaration  N.O.I.B.N., which from my old retails days I know it stands for not otherwise identifiable by name. Upon opening the box I found that it contained a suitcase filled with an  assortment of artifacts of Elmer's life. Photos, telegrams, journals, notes, and some of his gear make up the bulk of the contents.

A Small Donation for the Potcakes

      The potcake dog is a mixed-breed dog type found on several Caribbean islands. Potcakes are truly a remarkable breed of dogs, and make for very smart, loyal and loving pets. They generally grow to between 40 and 55lb usually.Their name comes from the congealed peas and rice mixture that local residents traditionally eat, as the overcooked rice that cakes to the bottom of the pot would be fed to the dogs.
      Foxy and I stopped in this morning to make a small donation from our weekly treat allowance to benefit the Potcakes in the Bahamas. We were pleasantly surprised to have a short meet and greet with Laura Rogers of WBKO.

We wish the best to all the good folks and Potcakes.

Any Beagle, Basset, or Retriever displaced by by the hurricane, contact us for help with a temporary home.


Monday, September 9, 2019

Nashville Skyline and Other Parts and Pieces

        Nashville Skyline was the ninth studio released by Bob Dylan in late 1969, I first heard what I consider the best song from that album in September of that year. My future wife and I were cruising in my 1964 Chevelle Malibu SS triple white rag top on Division Avenue in Grand Rapids Michigan. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

 Restlessness had set in and I needed to get away even if it was for only part of a day. The chance hearing of Glenn Frey's "You're a Child of the City" didn't help.I was prepared, and this sort of adventure was not one to be put on the calendar for future reference.  I wanted to be a city child for a few hours.

      Just like Granddaddy Elmer taught me, I took care of Foxy girl first. A good walk, fresh cold water, food, and with camera and notebook I was on the road to Nashville before sunrise. The traffic glut at exit 98 on I-65 was the usual slow moving metal snake, but I was able to avoid that by taking the advice of a local backhoe operator at the gas station. Traffic further south was another story. I was with the metal snake for some time.
Nashville Skyline September 9, 2019

The sights downtown and mid town Nashville were exactly what my bored eye needed.
Nashville Skyline September 9, 2019

Nashville Skyline September 9, 2019

Signore Giovanni

A touch of Vegas

My adopted Canadian family

Better than all the sights was the kindness of the worker  ladies  at Gigi's Cupcakes,
the smile form the attendant at Chewy's, great directions from the law student, the quick humor and thumbs up from the sanitation worker, the pleasant conversation with Signore Giovanni, and the impromptu meeting with my newly adopted family from Edmonton Canada.

Bob Dylan's songs no longer come from the AM dial, but I still give him a listen now and then.   

Monday, September 2, 2019

Buzzard Luck

      As we turned the corner and drove away from the Osage orange tree, the hair on Foxy’s back turned into a mow hawk and from her throat came the beginnings of a deep voiced growl. 

We had spotted a brown shape that materialized in the brush and grass. At first I thought that we had been fortunate enough to spot one of the elusive coyotes, but upon closer inspection we determined that it was a mixed breed dog.

 A lone mutt.

 We decided to call it a wolf dog and drove on. Further down one of the other back roads we spotted a large Vulture which gave us a sideways look. “Better luck next time,” is what it seemed to be telling us.

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Jimbob meets Reno

Foxy girl
Reno the traveler
      My trusty companion and  Foxy and I were out taking photographs Sunday morning , and when we made a pit stop at the local travel way station I noticed what appeared to be a long distance traveler and his companion. I walked over and started the conversation not sure knowing what type of response I would get. "Where are you headed to" I asked "what's your story? " "My dog and I travel all over the country, we left from a small town outside of Reno and are headed to a small town in West Virginia. Then were going to the coast," he replied. I took their picture and offered to text it to him.
       After I arrived home I realized that there might be a song there. What follows is the first verse and chorus.
“My pack is on the back wheel and my four leg’s behind the seat"
"We’re traveling to the east Coast according to the mileage post”
“From Reno to the ocean, we’re headed to the coast
According to that marker on the mileage post