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It Begins .... Updated June 6.

Jimbob found himself with less free time than he had the day before. What was the cause of his loss of free time was box that he had set down before him that contained the leftovers of his granddaddy's journalistic life. Elmer and his Wife Evelyn, not Jimbob's grandmother, had raised Jimbob after his parents died shortly after he was born. Elmer's estate had finally been settled with Jimbob receiving the artifacts. of Elmer's travels. The container that was delivered by FedEx was one of those cardboard  types with the built-in folding handles and was marked "DELIVER TO ADDRESSEE ONLY."  Noted on the outside also was the declaration  N.O.I.B.N., which from my his retails days he knew that it stands for “Not Otherwise Identifiable By Name. Upon opening the box, he discovered an assortment of artifacts. Photos of what appeared to be a Bar maid, Western Union telegrams, battered journals, notes, a well used  Colt model 1911 .45, and even a piece of Sycamore …

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