It Begins with Grandaddy Elmer

Possibly a Blue Rose

A Spanish Mauser

       Before my granddaddy Elmer settled down on the farm with his wife Evelyn he spent a few years as a newspaper reporter. The Spanish American War was over and he considered himself fortunate to have escaped his time in Cuba with no more than a bad knee courtesy of a Spanish M93 Mauser.
 Elmer was a type of newspaperman known as a stringer. Stringers didn’t have a regular job with one paper but covered for whatever paper had a need at the time. The two papers he contributed to mostly were The Daily Tribune and The National Register.

The Daily Tribune

Elmer lived to an old age, and after he passed I received a box from his estate. The box contains an assortment of artifacts of Elmer's once vibrant life, and  n sorting through Elmer's preserved life, I discovered that  Elmer was also on a personal mission as he traveled for the newspapers. His wife Evelyn who was an accomplished gardener had the desire to have a blue rose in her garden. Always after that headline-grabbing story, Elmer also had to keep a sharp eye trained for a blue rose.
The container was one of those cardboard  types with the built-in folding handles and was marked "DELIVER TO ADDRESSEE ONLY" and was delivered d by FedEx. Noted on the outside also was the declaration  N.O.I.B.N., which from my old retails days I know it stands for not otherwise identifiable by name. Upon opening the box I found that it box contained an assortment of artifacts of Elmer's journalistic life. Photos, telegrams, journals, notes, and some of his gear make up the bulk of the contents.
All the Way Mae

REA Express Agency building in Rocky Hill


 As a part-time photographer and writer Jimbob  often has some downtime to rummage through the box of Elmer's living leftovers. Jimbob is strictly a freelance writer and photographer. The main publications that he writes for are a couple of Hunting magazines and a publication called "Here and There in Bowling Green." The parallels are uncanny at times, even our features are similar, but that's just for starters, because we both have stories to tell
Granddaddy Elmer