Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Jimbob's morning of Old Men, Haircuts, and Tom T Hall

      Jimbob glanced at his cup holder to make sure his Nikon was ready and shifted the five speed transmission into first gear. His Mustang convertible  is a manual shift, which sometimes was not as user friendly as an automatic but he considered it good aerobic exercise.He was headed out to get his hair cut by his favorite Barberess.
      "Hey Jimbob, what have you been up to?"  asked his favorite clipper lady. "Mostly five six and no good," he replied. "I did manage to get another song written and produced," continued Jimbob, "Let me play it for you and your other customer to see if it reminds you of Tom T Hall a little bit."
      "I knew Tom T," said the man in the chair "I worked with him at radio stations in Eastern Kentucky." Serendipity was the first word that came to Jimbob's mind, followed up with two other old-time words, Kismet and Karma. Turned out that the man is the chair is Randy Hughes, former station manager of several radio stations including WPRT "Big Mountain Sports" in Prestonberg Ky, and WMOR, "Mix 105" in Morehead Ky.
       Remember now, this story is the somewhat shortened version, and you're not going to hear about all the experiences that Tom T and Randy shared, or how that in those eastern Kentucky mountain towns you don't see the sun before 11am. because of all the mist and low clouds. We'll save some of that for when it comes time for the next haircut.

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