Saturday, August 3, 2019

Jimbob meets Reno

Foxy girl
Reno the traveler
      My trusty companion and  Foxy and I were out taking photographs Sunday morning , and when we made a pit stop at the local travel way station I noticed what appeared to be a long distance traveler and his companion. I walked over and started the conversation not sure knowing what type of response I would get. "Where are you headed to" I asked "what's your story? " "My dog and I travel all over the country, we left from a small town outside of Reno and are headed to a small town in West Virginia. Then were going to the coast," he replied. I took their picture and offered to text it to him.
       After I arrived home I realized that there might be a song there. What follows is the first verse and chorus.
“My pack is on the back wheel and my four leg’s behind the seat"
"We’re traveling to the east Coast according to the mileage post”
“From Reno to the ocean, we’re headed to the coast
According to that marker on the mileage post

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