Friday, September 13, 2019

A Small Donation for the Potcakes

      The potcake dog is a mixed-breed dog type found on several Caribbean islands. Potcakes are truly a remarkable breed of dogs, and make for very smart, loyal and loving pets. They generally grow to between 40 and 55lb usually.Their name comes from the congealed peas and rice mixture that local residents traditionally eat, as the overcooked rice that cakes to the bottom of the pot would be fed to the dogs.
      Foxy and I stopped in this morning to make a small donation from our weekly treat allowance to benefit the Potcakes in the Bahamas. We were pleasantly surprised to have a short meet and greet with Laura Rogers of WBKO.

We wish the best to all the good folks and Potcakes.

Any Beagle, Basset, or Retriever displaced by by the hurricane, contact us for help with a temporary home.


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