Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Nashville Skyline and Other Parts and Pieces

        Nashville Skyline was the ninth studio released by Bob Dylan in late 1969, I first heard what I consider the best song from that album in September of that year. My future wife and I were cruising in my 1964 Chevelle Malibu SS triple white rag top on Division Avenue in Grand Rapids Michigan. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

 Restlessness had set in and I needed to get away even if it was for only part of a day. The chance hearing of Glenn Frey's "You're a Child of the City" didn't help.I was prepared, and this sort of adventure was not one to be put on the calendar for future reference.  I wanted to be a city child for a few hours.

      Just like Granddaddy Elmer taught me, I took care of Foxy girl first. A good walk, fresh cold water, food, and with camera and notebook I was on the road to Nashville before sunrise. The traffic glut at exit 98 on I-65 was the usual slow moving metal snake, but I was able to avoid that by taking the advice of a local backhoe operator at the gas station. Traffic further south was another story. I was with the metal snake for some time.
Nashville Skyline September 9, 2019

The sights downtown and mid town Nashville were exactly what my bored eye needed.
Nashville Skyline September 9, 2019

Nashville Skyline September 9, 2019

Signore Giovanni

A touch of Vegas

My adopted Canadian family

Better than all the sights was the kindness of the worker  ladies  at Gigi's Cupcakes,
the smile form the attendant at Chewy's, great directions from the law student, the quick humor and thumbs up from the sanitation worker, the pleasant conversation with Signore Giovanni, and the impromptu meeting with my newly adopted family from Edmonton Canada.

Bob Dylan's songs no longer come from the AM dial, but I still give him a listen now and then.   

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