Saturday, September 21, 2019

The Blue Stories Episode Two

  Episode Two

 Jimbob sat down and paged through one of Granddaddy Elmer's journals that he had discovered in Elm's suitcase.
He read on.

It seems like with every step we take my mare and I stir up small dust devils. I have not seen land so dry since the drought of 1896 when I was in New Mexico for my training before being sent to Cuba. To serve in the Signal Corps. Just yesterday when we passed through Moonshine Hollow, the small population had called in a rainmaker medicine man of the Cherokee Nation. If he did not succeed, they were prepared to summon a Dowser to assist with finding underground streams.....

Jimbob had settled himself in at one of the comfortable seating areas at the Staybridge Inn in Bowling Green to enjoy a light breakfast and possibly to unearth a story from one of his fellow travelers. 

He preferred Staybridge for many good-sized reasons and for one seemingly small one. Not only did they offer morning or anytime coffee in take-out cups, but they also had genuine ceramic cups.

 A small thing, but another one of their touches that seemed to say "welcome home."
      As Jimbob was eating his breakfast a fellow traveler sat down across from him With a cup of coffee, glass of orange juice, another of apple juice and complemented by a plateful of scrambled eggs, bacon, three waffles and and fruit bowl the slender man appeared to be on a mission. The two started a conversation about their life callings. The stranger's name was Richard. Richard from Asheville North Carolina.
A drought expert. He was in town for a conference about droughts. As expected, the conversation turned to talk about the weather, in particularly rainfall and droughts.    
     Richard also explained to Jimbob what a rain shadow is. A rain shadow would be on the opposite side of a mountain ridge that the wind is blowing from, the leeward side. The one side would get the rain and the opposite none, in effect causing what is known as a rain shadow. A rain dance or dowsing was not going to help that situation at all.

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