Sunday, October 20, 2019

The Wild Cat

      Foxy and I were out looking to see what we could see.

 It was a chilly morning, and we were having a hard time seeing through the patchy fog when Foxy let out one of those low pitched growls from the bottom of her throat. Instantly on alert, my head snapped in the direction that she was looking in and saw this white and black shape materialize in the grass. I raised my camera and to take a few photos and discovered that it was a cat.

A cat in the wild.

That must mean that it's a wild cat, right?
We drove around for some time before heading back to civilization, a snack, and perhaps a nap.
We stopped off at Panera where the nice lady in the drive-through gave Foxy a treat.

After we arrived back home I and warmed up my coffee with my favorite occasional treat.

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