Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Spittle, Ms Iris and the Busy Bee

Spittlebug nymphs cover themselves with a protective foam or shield. Their spit is sometimes referred to as  frog spit or snake spit.

 Seen at Lost River Cave along with Miss Iris and the ever busy bee. The Willow fluff is a little extra garnish.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Visual Poetry - A work in progress

Mary said

See those Spring flowers 
down by the water pond

That’s where your daddy told me
that your mama’s gone

Mama ran away to live
a life in sin
But Daddy stayed behind to
tuck me in

She's somewhere else and she's 
been gone
Daddy walked me while he held
my arm

Mary said

I’ve had a life that’s been good
and strong
And you’ve been the best part
all along

I want you to come and sit by
me bed
Soon I’ll be with those flowers

Mary said

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The Buick

I was driving from Franklin back to bowling Green Saturday night after covering two events for the magazine when I saw this Buick sitting at the side of the road. My heart raced, my throat swelled up, and I let off the gas pedal. I reached for my camera, but the strap got caught in the shift lever, and I had to keep on going to avoid getting run over by the Mack grain truck that was belching ominous clouds of black diesel exhaust behind me.
      I decided to go back and take some pictures on Sunday morning, because here is what makes this car so interesting.

A few years ago I did a few photo restorations for a lady of another Buick

 Had they come just come back from the lake? what year was it (had to be at least 1957)? Was this on a Sunday and they had gone to the state fair the night before and the red poodle was won at the ping pong ball toss or dart balloon game? Does the lady usually keep the red Poodle on her bed with the other stuffed animals, or possibly on top of a Zenith television? Only two words to describe the man, proud and happy.

The cars are similar but not the same, but I found out later that the Buick I saw at the side of the road belongs to the son of a dear friend.

This is a Spring time story, and any good Spring story should have some flowers.
Am I still here?

The Colors Red and Purple

Combining the color purple with the color red is an unusual combination, but it works because they are analogous colors. Analogous colors are next to each other on the color wheel. They look even better together when accompanied by a smiling face and pleasing personality. Way to go Andrea!

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Grandaddy Elmer

"Sonny, there's more than one way to shuck corn," Grandaddy Elmer said to me one time. I believe he said it to me just a couple of days after I learned not to pee on the electric fence. He also may have said something about putting old tin to good use.