Thursday, July 26, 2018

Monday, July 23, 2018

Secret Pond

You may have heard of Walden Pond or perhaps Golden Pond. I present you a local, but secret pond.

When it's not busy with sunsets, it hosts white Egrets.

Its resident bullfrog
The local Bluejay
Its water also attracts butterflies
Occasionally even the Bald Eagle will swing by for a snack.

New Best BBQ Place East of Kansas City

Had the opportunity to eat some great BBQ and visit with friendly folks on the south side of Louisville today.

In one of those very scenic old school neighborhoods.
Good food is great when you have fun people as a garnish!
What great ambiance, and what a history here. I need to make a return visit and spend some writing time making notes. The building is over one hundred years old, and it's history includes a Saloon, a ghost, a Feed Mill, backroom gamblin', and much more.
When's the last time you one of these in action? Money changer.
Not to be confused with the 1975 book by Arthur Hailey entitled "The Money Changers,"
Arthur's  novel about was about bank failures due to shady practices by financial institutions. Arthur wrote a string of good novels including "Airport," which was made into a movie.

Now, here's a retaining wall for you, and at least three more stories.

I meant to get a haircut and have my nails redone, but we were a little short on time.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Tag Team Visit!

Went to visit my heart guys that work hard to keep my body alive today at their new location. I had an appointment with Dr. Lavu who is in charge of my electronics.

I happened to also run across Dr. Akbar who works on my mechanical heart side of things.

Below is Damir, one of the best parking valets in town

Notice the stars by the names. I was going to give them gold stars until I realized they wouldn't show up very well against the brass. Next option was to use red stars, but I don't want anything to interpret any Russian meaning in that, so I went with classic black.

The tag team Dr Akbar on the left and Dr. Lavu on the right. The photogenic assistant hid herself.

They will help to make sure that this doesn't happen to you.