Sunday, August 26, 2018

Park City

After my stay in Rocky Hill I dropped in for a great lunch and some great hospitality with my old friends Karin, Gary and the rest of the crew.

The Grand Victorian Inn

On the front porch

Rocky Hill

Finally had a chance to revisit Rocky Hill and Park City. Spent some time with old friends and made a couple of new ones.

Most of Rocky Hill Burned to the ground in about 1934

I love coming to this place.

From the from porch of the B&B without a train

From the front porch of the B&B with a train


Railway Express Agency Building in Rocky Hill

The B&B in Rocky Hill
Oh the stories!

From the back porch of the B&B

Laura Lucas Postmaster I would call her Postmistress, but I don't want to start any ugly rumors.

It has been some time since I picked up my mail.

Secret Butterfly Garden

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Secret Pond in the Morning

Sunrise comes early to the secret pond and brings on numerous activities

This is Link, one of the guardians of the secret pond. He has six brothers and sisters named: Spike, Killer, Hammer, Punch Clamper, and Teardrop. I usually bring them some medium rare beef stew meat