Wednesday, September 26, 2018

A Dead Rabbit, The Public Defender's Office and DQ

Jimbob and I were taking a walk when we spotted this dead rabbit and decided to investigate.

 Just about then a patrol car sped by us on a mission so we kept on walking along.

And then, another black and white came along.
  We didn't want to wind up like Rattlesnake and Sam.

Jimbob and I looking for justice
Here I am with Christina and a Deputy

Jimbob's not real good at catching rabbits, but he does have some connections, so we went to visit Christina at the Justice Center for help in case anyone thought we had killed someone's pet rabbit.She introduced us to a first-rate defense attorney by the name of Diana who told me everything would be ok.

Diana knows her stuff and she made me feel a whole lot better!

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