Thursday, September 6, 2018

"We Woke Up To Death" -WARNING- Graphic Photo!

“We woke up to death,” tells Janet Denton about that recent Sunday morning that her and her husband Eddie woke up to. The couple probably started their morning routine as
 usual which would include taking a peek at their Shetland ponies pastured next to their Monroe County pond. In the early golden hour of the sunrise that photographers favor so much, happiness quickly turned into horror as they realized instead of seeing their ponies peacefully chomping on some grass with their tails swishing, they greeted by blood spray boring into their eyeballs like red hot pokers.
Edited due to very graphic nature

      Overnight there were three frisky ponies and one dog brutally killed in a  seemingly wanton manner. One other dog was injured from unknown causes. The ponies that were bought to provide pleasure for their grandchildren has been ripped from their future and were now sorrow ponies along with a death dog.
      The facts are that we have two grieving pet owners, a leftover mutilated dog, and three dead ponies that are similar to my little ponies. “We don’t know what caused the deaths,” said Janet.

Quire possibly any other information about the cause at this point would be gossip, hearsay, conjecture, or just plain guesswork.

     The very human side of this tragedy does leave some other real time chapter and verse. Two grieving pet owners had burials on their hands, and what to do now with the leftover bedding, the halters, the collar, and that extra dog dish?

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