Wednesday, December 19, 2018

What a Night !

Triple Threat

Kenzie, no river, not Mac.

Kenny Lee

Great use of mandolin on Alt.

The inimitable Greg Martin

 December twenty and eighteen at Mellow Matt's. Great photo ops, visited with some old friends and made some new acquaintances. Tank you for the hospitality Matt!

Standing Room Only

Joan Jett's blonde cousin

My New Three String

      I picked up my new custom handmade three string cigar box guitar today. Hand crafted by Scott who just moved here from Nashville. You too can have one of these beauties by contacting Scott who is registered on Bowling Green Craigslist. I have the acoustic version, they also come in electronic.


From Cliff Goldmacher by way of BMI

Chord Charts

Above and beyond talent on a given instrument, professional session musicians possess a set of skills that makes them uniquely equipped to handle the very specific demands of the recording studio. First and foremost, session musicians are able to listen to a song and write a chord chart very quickly - usually after one or two listens to the song. Not only does this take the pressure off the client, who might not have the theory background to do this, but it also gives the musicians the ability to quickly grasp the contours of a given song so they can play it correctly and with feeling right away.  In Nashville, charts are written using a number system that very simply and elegantly allows the musicians to play the song in any key - usually depending on the voice of the demo singer - without having to re-write the chart. And speaking of which, playing in any key is another one of the skills that all pro studio musicians posses .
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Session Musicians available: lead and rhythm guitar - 2, bass guitar - 1, male vocals - 2 , female vocals -2, piano/keyboard - 2 , drums/percussion - 1, harmonica - 1 -      We are your premier local source for song copyrighting, publishing, and session Musicians.

Old School

 I ran across a fellow writer and musician yesterday who goes by the name of B.H. After we signed each others non-disclosure agreement he pulled out a notebook and pen while I went to the car and brought back my notes and a pencil. We had a good talk about different things, and I noted that his Harley looked old school. "Well, it is an '02," he said. How did '02 get to be old is the thought that came to mind. We talked for a bit longer and went our ways.                  On the way home it occurred to me that it would be real easy for the two of us to sit on the porch, sip some lemonade or ice tea and trade stores. It also passed across my mind that he reminded me of Chris Rea.  B.H., this one's for you.

We are your premier local source for song copyrighting, publishing, and session Musicians.