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It Begins

Before my granddaddy Elmer settled down on the farm with his wife Evelyn he spent a few years as a newspaper reporter. The war was over and he considered himself fortunate to have escaped his time in Cuba with no more than a bad knee. Elmer was a type of newspaper man known as a stringer. Stringers didn’t have a regular job with one paper but covered for whatever paper had a need at the time. The two papers he contributed to mostly were The Daily Tribune and The National Register. 
Elmer lived to an old age, and after he passed I received a box from his estate.  The box was one of those cardboard carry-on size types with the built in folding handles and was  marked "DELIVER TO ADDRESSEE ONLY" and was delivered d by FedEx. Noted on the container also was the inscription N.O.I.B.N. , which from my old retails days I know it stands for not otherwise identifiable by name. Upon opening the box I found that it  box contains an assortment of  artifacts of Elmer's journali…

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